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At Outwater Holistic Care we have a passion to help others grow, learn and build themselves through holistic healing: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We have the drive and ambition required to help our clients produce positive results. We value the idea of being trend setters in the holistic healthcare industry and becoming a premier place of health and wellness.   

Energy Healing itself and/or combined with chiropractor care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological therapy etc can help resolve the cause of your physical, mental or emotional issues/imbalances. Energy healing can help resolve the cause of your energetic issues and/or imbalances by centering your energetic channels known as chakras. During an energy healing session, energy that is stored and causing blockages and/or imbalances is released and restored to its original healthy setting. A session alone and/or combined with other therapy can bring your body to its greatest potential and help it function at its most optimum levels. A full and complete energy healing session helps relieve all major energy centers of the body helping you to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. 

DISTANCE HEALING is our specialty. We use a Telehealth HIPAA Compliant Platform to connect to our clients everywhere. . inquiries  @ delilahscott@capitalvirtues.net

River Reiki & Rose is our Illinois Location.