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Individualized Care, Because We Care.

What/Who is Outwater Holistic Network?

Outwater Holistic Network is a network of Spiritual Energy Healers who may specialize in traditional and/or nontraditional spiritual/energetic healing modalities. Our network provides a SAFE PLACE for you, by connecting you to the right spiritual energy healer to meet your needs.

Our Story

Retreat 2021

Outwater Holistic Network was created by Delilah Scott in 2020, and launched in 2021. Delilah had spent quite a few years mastering her virtual skills in Energy Healing and Spiritualism, and felt her next step would be the network. Delilah taught energy healing  and spiritual practice workshops in person and virtually, and felt she had a niche for teaching and showing others what they naturally have within. She met many different people, from different walks of life and they helped show her, that her teachings of self-healing, self-discovery and connecting to our spiritual bodies was not only vital, but the world should know what this means too.

She created the network with the same purpose in mind, to help others learn  how to self heal, discover who they are within and help them connect to their spiritual bodies. Through the network clients have a choice of which spiritual energy healer would suit their needs, but most importantly make them feel at home.

Connecting to our spiritual bodies, also known as our higher selves is an important aspect of our lives because we learn we are connected to a supreme higher power, a power bigger than what we think we are, that can allow us to manifest, speak true, receive and become all the things we are meant for in this lifetime.  

Our Mission

We have a passion to help others grow, learn and build themselves through energy healing and spirituality.  We have the drive and ambition required to help our clients produce positive results, when the client commits to their journey. We value the idea of being trend setters in the energy healing community, and becoming a premier place of health and wellness.   


All services are developed based on our mission, as well as using some of the suggestions from client's to help improve them. If a client’s suggestion does not interfere with our organization’s mission, integrity and purpose, we will try our best to include it into our events, services and workshops.


By welcoming all faiths, we are non-denominational. We provide our teachings and sessions based on tradition and culture, but most of all holistic and spiritual approaches so that when you leave us, you are not servicing one based on religion or culture, but all based on heart and mind.

Alternative Energy Healing

Why Choose Outwater Holistic Practitioners?

Outwater Holistic Practitioners are dedicated and passionate about helping others heal. Our platform of diverse spiritual energetic healers allows you opportunity to pair up with someone who not just meets your service needs but feels like family or a friend. Our healers are trained to work with you within their scope of practice to help you journey through life, regardless of circumstances with a positive heart and mind, the best part: you're not alone.

Journey With Us. 


Delilah Scott

Delilah, The Founder

...Don't go another lifetime, not knowing who you are, and what you are meant to BE.

Purple gold abstract background of marble liquid ink art painting on paper . Image of orig