Spiritual Care Management (SCM) and Energy Healing Management Program(s) (EMP) are virtual-based outreach program(s) developed by our organization to provide an educational platform, and follow up to help our clients manage their spiritual and energy healing therapy.

Through our programs we help clients by assisting them in setting up your goals, understanding their goals, and identifying possible barriers to their energy/spiritual therapy goals/regimens. Our practitioners provide what we define as appropriate interventions via phone or video consultation, to help our clients overcome any barriers, and have successful outcomes.  

The goal of each program is to increase the number of clients that will achieve their desired results, by improving client compliance to the recommended regimen(s). Although we take a close approach in our client’s healing journey, we also allow time and space to help the client determine what he/she needs in order to fulfill their goals, and sometimes this means, making their own decisions without our intervention.

During our follow up sessions, our practitioners will identify gaps of therapy, and/or non-compliance issues that are affecting the client’s goals. We help keep our clients focused, encouraged and consistent. SCM and EMP programs practice preventing loss of focus, and/or adherence to spiritual energy practices by utilizing evidence based practice guidelines and client empowerment strategies. Our spiritual and energy healing programs go beyond the current process of traditional spiritual and/or energy services. By providing the education tools, and support needed for our members (clients) we help improve adherence to their healing regimen, appropriate self-care and goals tailored to their needs.

To join our program simply choose a package session with any of our practitioners and welcome to the world of deep layered healing. Our program coordinates with your traditional care providers; we just need your signed release to communicate your progression with your provider.

Outwater practitioners and their energy and/or spiritual healing practices are not to take the place of a medical intervention and/or therapy recommended by your licensed medical professionals.

This information, idea and concept is intellectual property of CAPITAL VIRTUES LLC 2020. It is not to be copy-written or used by anyone other than CAPITAL VIRTUES LLC.