Peace and Blessings!! 

Collective Energy Readings with Dee

What is a Collective Energy Reading? 

A Collective Energy Reading is a summary of  how energy feels within a group of people, and how I interpret it. 

My specialty in Collective Energetic Readings is by interpreting the energy absorbed by the collective through pictures. In a sense this is also a psychological approach with a whole lot of intuition! The participant chooses which photograph he/she is attracted to by meditating and/or praying over it, and later returns to read the energetic reading.  I do not know how I do this, I do not equate it to anything, but strong intuition and GoD's wisdom. All readings posted are based on my interpretation, if you find it useful, great! I do intend for you to also use your own discernment to make your life's decisions. 

Energetic Health is an important part of our overall health. To incorporate a good sense of energetic health and awareness we can do the following:



**Sitting in silence at least 15-20 minutes a day at the same time everyday 

**Checking in on ourselves (Ask yourself how do you feel today? and be honest)

**Know when to take a break from work and/or life's responsibilities and if you don't know intend to take one (schedule it)

**Drink water and move! (especially you desk workers)


**Energy Healing Sessions

Plus many more.

Point is to find ways that allows your mind to relax, your physical body to relax and most of cater to your spirit. 


I pray you enjoy my collective readings, and it helps provide some insight into your daily lives.