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Peace and Blessings,


My name is Delilah, and I am the founder of Outwater Holistic Healthcare. I am a free-spirit, that is well grounded, loving, in tune to the needs of others, and dedicated to this healing journey. I am also first-hand educated in the needs of persons seeking alternative healthcare, with over five years solely committed to clients and their healing journey, and over ten years in high leveled traditional healthcare job positions. My mission is to show the world, that both worlds of healthcare can co-exist, and need to (traditional and alternative).


My professional and educational background is in compliance and patient care engagement development for healthcare organization(s). Specifically organizations that provide clinical consults/advisory and medication to the chronically ill patient population. I have developed/created workflow processes, policies and procedures, standards of practice, Telehealth accreditation submissions, audit processes, as well as credentialing services for my own healthcare business, and others. I enjoyed my time in my previous work. However, as in all spiritual paths, the calling bought me here today. With that said, I have decided to bring my previous knowledge, along with the knowledge gained as a I serviced clients, to create a premier place of alternative health and wellness for all (virtually and in person).


May we find a healthy balance to help our societies in every country, state and city, accept and welcome in the benefits of energy healing, spiritual practices and/or other non-invasive techniques that can help improve depression, stress, anxiety, physical illnesses/disease and so much more.


A large portion of my position at Outwater, is to invite in other practitioners who service in the alternative community with licenses and certifications to help others. To learn more on joining our team; fill out this form: 





I also service CLIENTS one on one, as well as host workshops, I call “ciphers” for the following:


  • Shamanism

  • Reiki-Shamanic Energy Healing

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Spiritual-Intuitive Guidance

  • Life Advisory/Mentorship

  • Mentorship to help heighten improve spiritual gifts and/or intuition


Text: 563-949-1406