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My name is Delilah Rose, and I am the owner of Outwater Holistic Healthcare, who has dedicated my life to helping women in need. I started this business after many years in traditional healthcare. I was at my office in New Jersey one day, turned around and told my assistant/auditor, I need to help others. This is over for me. I need to help others heal. AND That is exactly what I did. I left all I knew behind to become 100% focused on a path, I previously only had as a side job/hobby at the time.  I trusted my heart to follow what some would say GOD/the universe called me to do. In the process I found so much of me and how positively I could influence others without losing myself in the process. I became this muse for many women, and then continued to create services and even products to help those in need of a friend, advice, energy healing, spiritual prayer, and practice, or just time to relax their mind and unwind through meditation. As I dedicated myself to this business, I strengthen my skills and built/building a network of other alternative practitioners-who didn’t mind my concept of affordable alternative services, and even free services for women based on their needs at the time.


Prior to me pursuing this path, I became diagnosed with a physical illness in 2009 that I knew was a result of how I was handling my mental and emotional health. I became aware and began dedicating myself to my own self-healing. Reiki became an integral part of my daily routine for myself. Then I developed my own unique way of helping others. It all started with Reiki, but it wasn’t just Reiki it was my ability to help transform lives through encouraging words and advice intuitively that influenced many to take a leap of faith and move forward in their healing process. Whether this meant more advance healing such as psychotherapy, repairing family and childhood wounds and/or just being more present in their lives.


For most of the time we worry, we aren’t in the present, just thinking the worst. I found ways to teach others how to find this PEACE of mind within themselves, how to take control of their lives, and be in their power. In the interim, I also taught many about the benefits of energy healing, different healing modalities and influenced other women to find their niche in this alternative/energy healing field. Now as a network, we have other strong women, helping other women who may find themselves in a bad place, and either too scared to begin a healing process or resistant to a healing process. We gear in clients who feel and know that this is GOD/the universe's ​way of saying; hey it’s time for a change, and we help them change through what we offer in our services, products, personalities, and most of all heart.


I do not know what my life would be without following the hunch I had to move forward in dedicating myself to this path. I enjoy empowering other women, implementing easy ways to coach them into further exploration of self (whatever will work for them), and I take my time getting to know each client-so that it isn’t just a business, it’s a family.


My drive and ambition is found in myself, but it is triggered by the people, their success & failure stories, their growth, their changes -that lets us know we are doing the right thing. So often we move through life scarred, bruised and negatively impacted by what has happened to us -in most cases we didn’t have control over, we don’t notice the need to release ourselves of past traumas, bad relationships, poor family upbringing, etc.-it always seems hard at first-until you sit down with a friend, a healer, a muse, a woman that offers wisdom and encouragement-that can share some of your pain but also your happiness . Through my organization we make others feel comfortable with the idea of healing and begin their process to further steps of healing-as long as it works for them, and we keep in touch with all to see their progress. Clients are usually never one stop and go, because we care, and show it.

I thank you for taking the time to read my personal message, and pray you understand my position and motive for the collective.








Prior to practicing as a Holistic Alternative Practitioner,  I worked in the healthcare field, specifically growing into healthcare regulatory law, for a total of twelve years or perhaps more. I worked with organizations that provided service to patients with chronic illnesses. My educational background is in healthcare management and development and biology. Previous to this work, I developed patient care programs, policies and procedures, as well as hired personnel applicable and in compliance to the organization's regulatory board, as well as state, local, and federal laws. This also included developing patient care programs that helped patients heal from their diagnosis.


HOWEVER, during my professional career, I discovered I was not as healthy as I needed to be, and was having a horrible time dealing with daily stresses of life, so much it was affecting my health. Along with assistance from medical professionals, and holistic practitioners, it was then I decided to begin my self-healing journey. I began by having faith in my ability to self-heal. I then incorporated meditation, prayer as well as changed my diet. I also kept a consistent schedule for my self healing work. Slowly, everything else fell into place. I healed myself. I became a person with a deep devoted passion to transform the negative energy I was experiencing into a positive flow. Energy became my focus and I grew from there.

I spent a few years practicing energy healing techniques for myself and others, learning traditional spiritual concepts found in various cultures and religions, including, but not limited to IFA, Santeria, Hinduism, Buddhism AND REIKI. I offered services that included, herbal holistic services,  as well as teaching and offering healing services; and the cultures associated to them.  Soon after that, I learned Reiki and Mastered Reiki.  At this time I had already a developed a unique skill in Energy Healing. I utilized my past experience, along with my unique sense of Energy Healing to help others heal through Reiki, Shamanic Healing Modalities, Prayer, and Mentorships. It has become "just what I do".​  In my sessions, I utilize my deep sense of intuition, prior healthcare experience, and energy healing modalities: REIKI, Quantum Energy Healing & Pranic Energy Healing to determine where healing is needed the most. 

In 2018, I began studying Past Life Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis, became certified, and have now cultivated all my knowledge, education, skills and talent in my services. 

Things I do for fun: Read, write, and research. I also love outdoor activities and spontaneous trips.



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Rapé Ceremony


What is a Rapé Ceremony?


Attending a Rapé Ceremony is a powerful way to cleanse yourself of negative energy, ease pain, and stimulate detoxification.


A HEALER, A Shaman, A High Priestess (one who has also studied and used Rapé Ceremony to build intimate relationship with themselves first) blows a pea sized amount of mixed tobacco (some practitioners just use tobacco), through your nose (each nostril: one representing death the other REBIRTH). The intention and breath of that HEALER truly determines how intense and life changing your experience is.  


For the person receiving the rapé, each of these breaths is followed by an immediate sharp blow to the sinuses and head that clears the nasal cavity, purges the bowels, and ultimately leaves the person feeling calmer, grounded, and revitalized.

What exactly is Rapé (pronounced with a rolling SOFT r sound if you have a Latin/Caribbean accent  or “ha-pay” for those who don’t)…


Rapé is indigenous medicine. Point Blank. The indigenous cultures of South America and tribes of the Amazon (Ecuador) called Taromenane and Tagaeri.  It is made of various tree ashes, combined with fine tobacco and finely crushed to a powder-known as “snuff”.  You do not smoke Rapé. You receive it through a breath technique, typically from someone else and/or you may do it to yourself.


I have cultivated my own natural herb joints, and sprinkled “snuff” on it. More on that soon.


NICOTINA RUSTICA (multi times stronger than tobacco found in cigarettes): The tobacco used, is not the common type used in cigarettes, but rather Nicotina Rustica which is highly potent. Nicotina Rustica known as Aztec Tobacco was originally founded and grown by Native Americans in America. Typically it is not commonly smoked, but when not being made into snuff, used as medicine such as those in enemas and/or the leaves used as a chewing product that serves as a stimulant.

Purpose of Using: to become intimate with self, find parts of yourself in dreams and meditation that help you grow and heal, clear up upper respiratory/sinus, as a detox, provide insight, strengthen third eye, provide guidance, protection, cleansing and healing. It is a spiritual tool, not a substance, not a drug.

What tools are used: Kuripe and Tepe (smoke pipes)


Does Rapé smell? Depends on the type. Some do shed a potent smell.


Side Effects I Experienced: Burning nose sensation that lasts about 30 seconds, teary eyes, thirst for water


How long does it last? Few minutes, to a several hours to even days dependent on doses

How to use it: a healer blows the smoke in each nostril one representing DEATH the other for REBIRTH. It is encourage to have intentions placed and prayers done prior to any session.

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Delilah Scott
Compliance Officer

Certified Holistic-Alternative Therapist
Intuitive Energy Healer
Teacher and Minister of Universal Spiritual Studies