Energy Healing:

Energy healing are traditional healing modalities that restores and rejuvenates a person's energetic flow throughout the mind, body and soul. The practitioner works on a person physically, emotionally and mentally to enhance their overall well-being. It may be used to treat various conditions and/or illnesses that affect the mind and body. 


Reiki Energy Healing: "REI" meaning GoD's wisdom and "KI" meaning energy.


Reiki is a Japanese Energy Healing practice. During a session the client is fully clothed and is lying on a treatment table. The method used by Outwater Holistic Practitioners is non touch therapy. The practitioner gently glides his/her hands over your energy fields and/or problem areas to provide the client with a universal healing energy-in turn the client begins to feel a sense of relaxation, as the practitioner helps release physical, mental and emotional tension (known as stagnant energy).  An in-person session is typically at least 45 minutes and a virtual session is at least 35 minutes. 

What is Distance Healing?

Distance Healing allows an Energy Practitioner to send Healing Energies across time and space. This healing service takes place via a video application provided by the practitioner. The client will need access to a computer, iphone or android phone.  The client is encouraged to be in a private space, in which he/she can stretch, lay, sit up and relax, preferably a bedroom and/or couch.

During most sessions, there is little to no talking by the practitioner or client. However, this is not always.


How will I feel?


Clients will sometimes notice physical sensations during the sessions warmth, tingling, crying, happiness, or a sense of relaxation or peacefulness. You might also notice the mind calming down or the alleviation of physical symptoms, and tingling in your crown chakra. Most clients who are experiencing pain and/or illness discomfort will notice a positive change in how they feel and have even mentioned no longer feeling the pain or discomfort. 

Type of Energy Healing Provided:


Reiki, In-Depth Emotional Response, Shamanic Healing Modalities, Intutive-Spiritual Coaching, Emotional Releases, Guided Meditation

Reiki: A Japanese healing modality using Reiki healing symbols to heal current traumas, past traumas on an energetic level, yet also spiritual level. Reiki Healing helps with pain management and assist areas of discomfort in patients with illness, disease and/or just general pain. Reiki can also help cancer patients, and those undergoing chemotherapy/radiation and/or those experiences discomforts from illness/disease.

In Depth Emotional Response: (Journey with Dee), during these sessions we process and release deep emotions that cause or have caused pain.This is recommended for those who want a relief from old wounds, release emotional baggage by experiencing a soulful yet gentle release of these past energies. Recommended for those who have depression, anxiety, unexplainable body pains, as well as those who experience extreme or intense emotional responses. 

Shamanic Healing Modalities: different traditional healing modalities one-on-one or group used to bring in the help of spirit and our ancestors to help you heal from generational traumas indirectly or directly, as well as meditation ceremonies to help you see thru the spirit of GOD. This includes Pranic Healing. 

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching: A one-on-one session that involves the channeling of your spirit within, your soul, to help you heal in your day to day life. This is a spiritually guided session intended to help you live in your higher purpose. 

Emotional Release: A simple guided healing one-on-one and/or group to help you release trapped emotions that cause imbalances in your life. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety and can even cause physical illness.

We recommend at least 4-6 sessions of your therapy of choice to see true results.

Energy Healing is not meant to replace and/or instead of medical advice/therapy and/or physical, emotional/mental health therapy. It is an aide in conjunction with any other therapies and/or medical care you are receiving. We prefer to collaborate with your other healthcare providers to find the best energy healing options for you.