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About Andre J. McDonald C.Ht.[He/Him/His]

Dr. McDonald is a mental wellness professional, a small business owner, and a Dad (one amazing artist daughter and one way-too-smart dog). Andre loves the life work involved in what he does, and the love of feeling blessed to work as a cooperative teammate with his clients to overcome their struggles. 

As a young child, he has been interested in behavior, how it relates to one's environment, and the circumstances surrounding habitual outcomes. He discovered an interest in dreams and hypnosis at the age of 11.

Starting his adult life out, Andre graduated in the summer of 2006 from Bradley Technology and Trade School (manufacturing and communications academy).


He then worked in the steel industry as a robot operator and automation coordinator for 2 years. He continued his education in electromechanics (the behavior of machines) at M.AT.C. and N.T.C. in the Midwest. Machine learning was a profitable venture in his life, but his soul soon yearned to be the steward he believes is in all of us; giving back to his community and humankind at large soon excelled into a successful passion. 

Andre then enrolled in Ashford University majoring in Alternative and Complementary Healthcare in 2013. He paid for his schooling by working in healthcare as a Program Assistant, certified in first aid and medication distribution. Studying deep, practicing sincerely, and writing many scholarly articles paid off when he was granted a well-deserved honoris causa Doctorates in Holistic science from LADC (Spring, 2020). 

Although the recognition of “Doctor” is cherished and appreciated, he does not wish to let the title interfere with the progression of seeing his clients succeed in wellness. 

He emphasizes his strong belief that the person will always know themselves better than the doctor ever will; even if just on a subconscious level. He smiles, “I have a dream of seeing everyone as a doctor unto themselves and for the ones we love. Until then, I've got skills to put to work and more smiles to see!”.

What is Hypnosis Therapy?

Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxed learning just like when we watch an enjoyable movie, go for a gratifying cruise, or pleasantly read a book or novel. 

As well-said by Professor Laurence Sugarman P.hD (2013), “When we are in hypnosis, we intensify our attention, decrease our peripheral awareness and become more receptive to new ideas and associations whenever we reinforce, rewire, reframe or otherwise alter the neurophysiological networks we call 'experience'. Trance is what happens when we engage in changing our minds.”

In other words, hypnosis is a natural ability of your mind to relax into tuning out of things that don't quite matter at the time so that you may more easily and more effectively direct your thinking towards successful action in your life. Hypnosis Therapy is interpersonal communication between the client and the skilled practitioner to facilitate therapeutic and proactive change of behaviors or perceptions (as in the case of pain management). With Hypnosis Therapy, your unconscious mind can more easily understand the message you'd like to deliver to it, and then it will automatically begin putting that information to work for you.

How Can Hypnosis Therapy Help Me?

Did you know (based on scientific and psychological studies) that throughout any given day and in any given population that only 10-12% of your mind's capability is a conscious activity? There is a whole 88-90% of your mind that is constantly working behind the scenes to record memories, regulate your body functions, take action, and more! The flip side of this is that many of our harmful habits and beliefs reside here in the subconscious on autopilot.

Now, can you imagine being able to access virtually 100% of your inner-power while working with a caring professional geared towards helping you achieve your goals most efficiently? 

This service assists clients with:
•    Drug and Alcohol Abuse
•    Nicotine Dependency (Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Vapes, Juul, Cigars, etc.)
•    Body Awareness and Weight Struggles (Weight Loss Assistance)
•    Phobias and Fears
•    Depression Feelings
•    Financial Fitness
•    Anxiety Feelings
•    Academic Prowess
•    Attention, Focus, and Concentration Problems
•    Stress Dis-orders
•    Self Identity Dis-orders
•    Obstructive & Detrimental Feelings
•    Sleep Dis-orders
•    Memory Problems
•    Emotional & Physical Pain Management
•    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
•    Sexual Assault and Sexual Dysfunctions
•    Gambling Addiction
•    Lack of Fitness and Wellness Motivation
•    Confidence Advancement.
•    And, Past Life Regression Exploration

What can I imagine to expect in my session?

This service is conveyed to you either in-office (Wisconsin) or virtually which is otherwise known as telecare over camera and phone. Clients can expect an inviting, well-lit, and personal space to safely take a load off and relax into healing and goal achievement. 

The beginning stages of your hypnosis therapy session will consist of charting your history (for supporting your informed care) and evaluating what “success” will look like, sound like, and feel like specifically to you. It is also ideal in the beginning to get consent from both your conscious mind and subconscious mind to safely and rapidly make beneficial changes for you.

After reflecting on the relevant information you feel comfortable with sharing, I will then explain the game plan for wellness. Should the plan sound harmonious, look feasibly clear, and feel like a good fit, you will be respectfully guided into a relaxed state of mindful focus with your permission to enter hypnosis. If you do not feel comfortable with the synopsis, I will collaborate with you to find a better solution to your healing goals. As you may see, this is a very cooperative and supportive service.

While in the state of Hypnosis, clients report calm feelings of relaxation and clarity. Sometimes there are sensations of warm or cool tingles, lightness in body and mind, supportive heaviness, and/or time distortion (usually time seems much shorter than it actually is).

All our clients report long-term and short-term success as applicable in wellness and personal achievement. Clients also report a calming air of extra motivational energy to accomplish their goals.

This is all gained in an hour session and although results vary based on many factors, results are highly likely when given a 21-day timespan. Results also seem to increase significantly with more progressive sessions.

What is Neuro-Linguistic-Programming?

Guess what? Only 7% of the message you convey to someone (and vice versa) makes an impact in the way you were intending by means of words alone. 

Research shows that a whole 38% of your message is translated by another person unconsciously by means of reading your tone, clarity, and how animated your voice is. 

Even more, shaken down from your original message, your body language and physical appearance is being read unconsciously at a whopping 55%!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a huge opportunity for clarity and refocusing of your unconscious strategies and language; the Rosetta Stone of your mind for your personal success.

NLP is a set of professional skills that will help you reveal the kind of communication that matters most for your model of success – inside and out. 

For many, it’s clarifying to offer a definition by showing what is meant by the words neuro, linguistic, and programming. Here you go:)

Neuro: Referring to your mind and brain, particularly regarding how your states of mind (and body) affect your communication and behavior so that you may more easily change course towards more desirable actions and outcomes for yourself. 

Linguistic: Meaning that your mind and body states are hinted at in your unconscious language patterns and non-verbal communication. Learning this about yourself with professional support can give you vital insight into how you may better communicate with parts of yourself and your world for better interpersonal outcomes.


Programming: This refers to your capacity to change your mind and body states. You’ve heard the term living on autopilot, right? This would mean that someone is living according to "programming", which consists of habitual thoughts, feelings, reactions, beliefs, and traditions. This is not always a bad thing unless these automatic behaviors are causing you grief and distress in your life.

Someone well-trained in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming can help you learn how such programs are structured in your mind by accessing them with your permission. Through conversation, your outdated programs and autopilot behaviors can be reprocessed; giving you a tremendous edge on your efforts and helping you take back your self-control and autonomy in your life.


How Can Neuro-Linguistic-Programming Help Me?

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) is a very effective, handy, and adaptable tool that has proven helpful to all kinds of people who deal with all kinds of difficulties caused by unhelpful behaviors in their lives. This is because instead of responding to your challenges with conventional means such as talk therapy and psychotherapy, you and I will work together to identify the prevalent parts involved in your issue and then furthermore help you to develop more helpful behavior patterns instead. This service is evidenced to be very helpful in helping with curbing addiction behaviors, lessening and eliminating stress and anxiety responses, treating fears and phobias, improving performance, and instilling an overall sense of personal wellness.

What can I imagine to expect in my session?

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) generally can be short sessions of 30 minutes or less given that the assessment information is prepared beforehand. 

Your session will be performed while seated upright and comfortable. The rapid, communication and self-programming procedures may vary according to your particular behavioral needs, but the objective is always accomplished with a few straightforward steps. 

Those steps are to assess the state of being that is giving you a problem, determine the step-by-step actions and behaviors leading up to the state of being that is giving you problems, re-frame or re-route the problematic behavior to be more productive for you, and finally we test the results until you achieve an optimal outcome for yourself.

Clinical Dream Interpretation and Consultation

This service can be set for one whole-hour session with two different dreams or it can be divided into 2 half-hour sessions depending on scheduling availability. Dream Interpretation and Consultation involves mapping out your dream to help you find ideal actions and empowering resolutions. 

What is Dream Interpretation and Consultation?

Firstly, did you know that everyone with the natural faculties to dream, and given enough time for a complete sleep cycle will dream every night? Furthermore, there are three types of clinically distinguishable dreams; each with its own function for your personal wellness!

We might not consciously remember all our dreams, but the subconscious mind records every detail!
Dreams are the silent words of the soul. 

Dreams are a symbolic expression of what we need to work on in our lives. 

In order to unlock the mysteries of your subconscious, we need to look for clues in the symbols and settings of your dreams. 
This is where Dream Interpretation becomes very useful for your personal growth.

Dream Interpretation and Coaching is a service that will help you understand your dreams by breaking down the meanings of your dreams and identifying what needs to be worked on in your life according to your wise subconscious mind (the part of your mind that works behind the scenes on a deeper level and it is even keeping you alive right now).

How Can Dream Interpretation and Consultation Help Me?

Most people unfortunately "write-off" dreams and nightmares as just imagination or as unwanted problems. The truth is that dreams are a vital source of understanding ourselves to lead a life geared toward personal wellness and success. 

This service will help guide you through a process of reflection and discussion, allowing you to examine your dreams and learn more about your true needs, feelings, thoughts, and desires. 

You and I will analyze the symbols and settings of your dreams to break down their meanings. This will give you the priceless opportunity to reflect on your dreams and understand what they personally mean to you; rather than trying to piece generic answers together from a dream dictionary and getting unsatisfactory solutions. 

Dream Coaching will help you better understand your dreams and unlock the mysteries of your subconscious for more fulfilling and meaningful revelations in your personal wellness.

What can I imagine to expect in my session?

Before a session is set for either one hour or 30-minutes, you can expect to fill out a dream summary form to help assist you in clearly stating your dream on paper as best as you can. Note that this form will best benefit you as a final draft following the rough draft(s) on regular paper and/or in a dream journal (no cost for handwriting analysis should you submit your form in writing via email or mail).

After your dream details are established, I will interview with you to help your mind give you answers concerning what your dream symbols and settings mean to you.

The last steps of this process are putting it all together, testing how well the answers resonate with your logic and “felt-sense”, and briefly brainstorming together on solutions based on your dream resources.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Treatment: 

What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Treatment?

Using the detailed protocols and procedures laid out by Francine Shapiro Ph.D. (2001), you will be effectively guided to activate your natural healing processes by utilizing the power of your own bilateral stimulation. It has been discovered that when you focus on a distressing memory and then deliberately concentrate on alternatively stimulating the left and right sides of your body (also known as bilateral stimulation), the distress is reduced significantly long-term in most cases. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) works theoretically based on how the primitive nervous system is wired to keep only one thing at a time in mind when switching attention (contrary to mainstream belief that people are actually able to multi-task). Because your mind will be switching between the distressing memory and the relaxing present, your mind will be more able to discriminate the memory as a memory and not a current event. The bilateral stimulation in EMDR can be experienced by you personally in-office (Wisconsin) or virtually (by web camera). This is achieved via rhythmic visual displays (usually watching my fingers move left and right or diagonally), rhythmic non-intrusive touches (self-administered if your session is virtual), and rhythmic sounds played in each ear (headphones required).

How Can Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Help Me?

Many clients report that they experience a relaxing effect, more flow in their thought process (less 'stuck' on the presenting problem), a serene sense of decreased worry and anxiety, and the ability to distance themselves from being caught in a whirlwind of feelings/thoughts from the past. Because Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) heals from the lower, more primitive parts of your brain up, you may be able to expect more rapid changes than an approach involving cognitive introspective. EMDR treatment can be a powerful service of change for you in dealing with distressing thoughts, feelings, and traumas much better and ultimately discover release from captivating and oftentimes embarrassing outbursts and/or behaviors.

What can I imagine to expect in my session?

These sessions are one-hour intervals or more at a time and up to 90 minutes all depending on your noticeable progress. With the methods of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) working for you, it may feel like dreaming with the intent of healing; usually with your eyes open. You can sometimes expect to face some challenging feelings and thoughts and then you will be more easily able and available to release the distress associated with them. You will need to prepare by having properly working headphones available and a camera, and a fully visible screen to see me fully and understand your following guidance.

Your Eye Movement and Desensitization treatment will generally be an 8 step path to wellness.:

1.    Treatment Planning: Your consultation will begin by surveying history involving previous treatments and traumas.
2.    Preparation: You and I will work together to establish the embodiment of a safe place, discuss safety, and exercise a few self-regulation techniques that work for you.
3.    Assessment: Selecting one particular event with an image to work on, taking a record of your most fitting negative belief, and noting what belief you would rather have instead (and working on a scale system for gauging direction towards your success). Also, this is a time to test for comfortability in the following healing engagements.
4.    Desensitization: You (the client) will be guided with bilateral stimulation (left and right sensory interactions via sight, sound, and/or non-intrusive touch) leading you to your ability to neutralize the old problematic image/belief.
5.    Installation: I will be able to help you to incorporate the positive belief you selected previously and ingrain the cognition into your belief system for a more healthy thinking pattern.
6.    Body Scan: I will help guide you to survey your body for residual sensations and help you to release them.
7.    Closure: You will be assisted or invited to come back to a grounded state of inner balance, encouraged to use your self-regulation techniques, and then I will disclose to you what you may expect in-between sessions. A journal can prove itself very beneficial in your wellness planning.
8.    Reevaluation: Just a final check-up to see if the previous memory is still distressing in the present time and/or in imagined future scenarios involving the obsolete image. Although usually unlikely, if the old image is still bothersome to some degree, I will support you back in phase 4 again to eliminate the upsetting image/belief.