Listen to Your Spirit: You Might Learn Something

Your Spirit is a Direct Connection to GoD.
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Listen to Your Spirit: You Might Learn Something

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May 27, 5:00 PM – 7:20 PM CDT

About The Event

Follow Your Spirit…..

What does this mean? This means connecting to your inner self-it means taking time to listen in, but in order to do this, we must learn how to. How do we listen to our own spirit? How do we listen to the only part of ourselves with a direct connection to GoD?

Let’s stop for a moment trying to connect to ancestors, spirit guides, angels and focus on how to listen to our own spirit. Our direct connection to GoD, the angels, the universe (whatever you want to call it). Get to know you. Understand your soul purpose.

I could not teach this until I was sure on my own life purpose, and what I came here to do. It all started with faith. So how do we build faith within ourselves and our circumstances? How do we take the time to listen to what our spirit wants vs what we think looks acceptable or keeping up with everyone else.

Give yourself time. When you are confused, unsure and/or doubt your direction, you are not on path or perhaps being led by ego We will figure it out.

Give yourself time with your own spirit and build that connection from within. There is no external force stronger than you, when you are aligned with YOUR SPIRIT-when you are ALIGNED with GoD.

Your spirit has a purpose, whatever that is: whether as a holistic practitioner, doctor, lawyer, nurse, mother, wife, husband, president or even a prophet. You’ve decided this before arriving-shift your focus so you can find this.  Join me May 27, 2021 for a snippet of a program that what will be available on the OUTWATER HEALING SPACE APP.

This workshop will not be recorded. A cancellation fee will incur if you do not attend. No Refunds. 

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