Collective Energy Readings with Dee

February 2021

I do not own rights to the images used below.

Please take the time to pray and/or meditate over the images, then choose to read the one you feel gravitated to the most.

Peace and Blessings!

If you chose image one (white dove), I feel there is a need right now for you to express how you feel, yet not vocally. I feel this is more of an expression of self-yet many of you are having a hard time trying to figure it all out. I feel for some you have attempted to do this once before, but I do feel your approach may have push forward a little too hard or at the wrong time. Timing is everything, and sometimes taking your time is much more beneficial. I feel time is needed. I feel for others, you feel you have missed an opportunity or just won’t be able to “do it again”. Disappointment can lead to failure, yes if you allow it. I feel most of you have what it takes to follow through with some implemented changes. You do have the right to express yourself through whatever outlet you think is best-just make sure it’s you.

With that said, I feel for others in this collective group, heart chakra healing is needed. I feel some of you have been taken advantage of, and for the most part don’t even realize it. I feel you have extended yourselves in intimate relationships: romantic, friendships and family and have yet to receive the same energy in return. You are the group of people who do things without expecting, and that is a beautiful trait to have, but you also have to know when to stop giving whether that’s time, money or resources. I feel stagnant energy in your heart chakra because you continue to pour, and not receive…you are pouring so much int other things-you are not pouring into yourself. This I feel is not intentional but has become a habit.

For others who chose this image I feel the need to solidify a contract, an offer, an agreement-romantically for some, for others this is work/business. I feel something has been lingering and it isn’t allowing room for more to grow-you need room to fly free like the dove-the room will only be made when you know where you stand. For also this same group there is some of you who continue to get involved in romantic relationships -that aren’t committed and/or communication about commitment isn’t happening. LOVE is beautiful yes-but it most grow within and outward. Love has to take us to new heights-if it isn’t -reflect and REALIGN back to a time in which you knew what you wanted from love-and move forward on it.

Lastly, I also feel some of you in this group have to spend more time at home, and/or taking care of home. I feel you are home, but you aren’t home, and because of this there are some lacking with children and/or significant other. Change up the décor and/or rearrange to freshen the space-this should help you be more focused on what is happening on a day-to-day basis.


I pray this helps!




Image 2

Peace and Blessings!!

If you chose image two (Healer w/Animals), I feel you are ready and/or preparing to embark on a new journey. I feel for some this means new job and/or new addition to family. I feel for a larger group of you -the new is new job, career and/or new way of doing things in your career/job. I feel you are thinking about how to navigate these changes, but also stopping to ask for DIVINE GUIDANCE. I feel most of you are spiritual beings and know that most of your answers won't come right away, but you just can't help thinking because of not knowing when they will come! I am here to say, that is okay, it is only human, but you should take some time and find solitude. Over thinking won't bring the answer right away-but trusting in your journey will. You feel it, it isn't a false feeling, change to make you better is on the horizon-for many of you in this group take the time to meditate and/or relax your mind around sundown-if you can go outdoors around this time (even better). Use this time to also journal and thank you for listening to your intuition. Take time to love this part of you-this will help boost your confidence and most of reassure you-you are okay!

For another group of you I feel the need to say its time to clean up-I feel this is energetic/spiritual but also literal-its time to organize and reduce clutter because it is causing over thinking and lack of a good night's rest. I feel for some these may be friends/associates that no longer vibe/click with you, for others this is more about who you thought you were. Who you thought you were led you to join/participate/affiliate in groups/events/friendships/business with people and for the purpose that longer sings to your heart. It will not go anywhere-unless you make the move. I also feel for some of you this is a very delicate issue and you have been stuck with how to proceed...keep moving forward-that is how. Make room for things, people and experiences you are attracted to, interested in and/or feel you need. I feel for this same group there needs to be a healing of heart-with a parental figure -I feel this relationship may have made you feel invalid and/or as if you opinion didn't matter-but for others this relationship made you pursue things that wasn't really you-which in turn made things harder on you! You don't have to move to appease anyone, you don't own anyone anything -be loyal to you FIRST. This is taught early on -when our parents allow us to choose to do some of the things we like-some of you didn't come from this kind of environment-and it is not reflecting in your life. Heal-take time to reflect on what was nurtured-what you need and what you will give up. Life shouldn't feel hard, yup even when it is hard. It's more about perspective than the actual occurrences. Start looking at negative or unpleasant experiences and events as if they aren't here to stay-and that's a start.

Lastly, I feel many of you in this group should attend a workshop/course and/or event to obtain higher learnings-this doesn't just apply to spiritual, I feel some of you should obtain this from an educational institution-it will help your career, and keep you ahead of others at work. I also feel for this same group there are issues with eyes and/or the need to get more rest-the energy found in this part of your body feels drained/depleted/stressed-this could mean glasses-but it can also mean get some rest!

I pray this helps!