Energy Healing Specialities

Pain​ Management: Energy healing for pain management is designed to help the client release energy blockages causing and/or creating the feeling of aches, tension and most importantly pain caused by illness/disease/disability or just general pain. As Reiki energy flows throughout the body, the body becomes more relaxed and even eases the emotional and mental perception the client has of pain. In a session focused on pain management the practitioner will focus on the client's problem areas and/or other areas that may be experiencing discomfort. 

Anxiety & Stress: Energy Healing for anxiety and stress is designed to help the client feel more at peace with his/her present life and situation(s). As the energy healing travels throughout the body, the client begins to feel more relaxed and will notice a shift of thoughts and perceptions that may be causing mental and emotional imbalances. Craniosacral non touch therapy can also help with this.

Women's Health: Women's Health sessions are designed to help clients with issues of fertility/uterus/ovaries and/or those experiencing symptoms due to menopause. During this session the practitioner will focus on the womb/uterus area (sacral chakra) and help the client with symptoms and/or illness/disease of the womb through a gentle energy release. Recommended for those experiencing symptoms of PCOS as well. 

Chronic Illness/Disease: Energy healing for those experiencing symptoms of a chronic illness/disease is a gentle energy release session designed to help the client release stagnant energy found in the areas of illness/disease. It will also help the client feel more at ease and calm in regards to their present situation. 

End of Life Reiki: Energy Healing always helps heals, even if it does not cure the physical body, it can help a patient to heal spiritually and emotionally to ease the pathway of transition during the death process. It can also help loved ones feel much more at ease during the mourning process.


ALL HEALING SESSIONS ARE KNOWN TO HELP ALLEVIATE SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED TO THE ABOVE, as well as assist along with other healthcare therapy to improve healthcare goals. We recommend at least 4 consecutive sessions at least 7-10 days apart, for positive results. For more information contact us at or 563-949-1406 (cell).