Hypnotherapy in Michigan

Nathan Zemar

Professional Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Life Coach

Astrologer/ Numerologist

Intuitive/ Medium


Reiki Master

Michigan, USA
Virtual and In Person

Greetings! My name is Nathan Zemar, and I have spent 17 years gathering tools and building my personal and professional practice as a healer, spiritual advisor, and hypnotherapist. As a young child, I was called to my path as a healer through my martial arts instructor, who introduced me to Reiki, and opened the door to the reality of energy and our personal ability to heal ourselves, and those around us. This was the first of what would become a lifetime of experiences on an ever unfolding journey.


Over the next decade, I spent my time in a cycle of study and application, learning and growing my knowledge base of energetic, physical, and unconscious healing by studying with shamans, healers, and masters that I have encountered throughout my path while sharing what I have learned with those around me and helping them on their own path to personal wellness and wholeness.


In 2017, I was led to attend Hypnosis Motivation Institute, graduating in 2018 with a diploma in hypnotherapy, and pursuing multiple adjunct techniques to help facilitate healing in my clients. These include Past Life Regression, Pain Management, Trauma Recovery, Grief Recovery, Habit and Addiction control/ replacement, and much more. In 2018 upon graduation, spirit led me to pursue a full time career as a healer, where I use my skills as a hypnotherapist, and combine these techniques to heal the unconscious, while applying techniques to heal the energetic body, which facilitates rapid healing and transformation in my clients lives.


It is my ultimate goal to help you find your path to wellness, and give you the tools you need to live a life by your design, where you will feel happy, whole, and complete within yourself. I will encourage you to face your shadows, and shine light upon them, freeing you to offer all of yourself to the world around you with confidence.


Along with Hypnotherapy Reiki, and his training as a Shaman, Nathan is also proficient in Astrology, Numerology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and much more!