I have a business idea!


“I’ve been thinking about starting my own sleepwear business. I wanted to know if I should go for it or should I wait and save up more money to be more prepared? Thank You.”

Anonymous Female, Pennsylvania

Peace and Blessings!


Thank you for allowing me to provide insight on your thoughts of opening a business. As I read the question, I interpreted it as: you would like for me to tell you whether or not a sleepwear business is lucrative and/or a good fit for you. The answer before I dive in, any business is a good business, as long as it serves a purpose. A good business idea is executed by someone who also believes it is in fact a good business idea. Do you believe this is a good business idea? Do you believe you will be good at it? If your answer is yes, then you are on to something. Not completely ready, but on to the start of strategizing what is it that you want to do.


I will soon touch base on specific sleepwear business, but first let’s discuss passion and purpose. Passion and purpose go hand in hand. Life becomes more meaningful when we are following and pursuing our passions and serving a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is for the collective, and sometimes it’s for a purpose only GoD knows. I feel for the most part, you want to obtain success and thinking how to obtain this.


First, is this idea feasible in your current climate (actual physical environment, financial environment and client target environment)? Is this idea something you feel you can do every day of your life? Have you done research on how to obtain stock and keep stock, or will you be making the sleepwear yourself? What is the actual cost to run this business, and what is your strategy to ensure your cost to run the business can be taken care of by projected income? Do you feel you are capable of managing a sleepwear business? Do you have the experience and/or knowledge on selling sleepwear or will you hire others who do/can? This is the same formula, and a bit more detailed when it comes to running any business (just insert the business idea into the question).


When we are wanting to pursue any business, we should examine the logistics of it, the mission (reason why), our own reasons why and finances. Whether this is a passion or a logical approach to just making more money. Be the person who takes an idea and sees it through, because the planning that went into it made it easier. I do feel for the most part, as long as you can answer those questions I presented above, and any other questions that may arise-then you are on to something great. Most businesses run on trends, seasonal and what is needed by the client population. As long as you keep this in mind-then the planning should be easier.


Lastly, let’s dive deeper, how do you feel about yourself today and what can you do? Do you feel confident? Strong? Energized? Deserving? (Without owning a business). Those are traits you need-they aren’t built afterwards, if you don’t feel that now-I would recommend work on finding these traits within you-build character first-then take a financial investment into a business. Now, if you do feel this, then you can/may do anything you put your mind and heart to. I pray you much success!