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We are encouraging of all faith traditions and beliefs. In these teachings we teach students how to practice seeing the world around us-which first means looking within. With this, we learn how to see others in the same light. I view these concepts natural self-healing processes that allows us to truly live our soul purpose.


Spiritual Healing, Development and Guidance

4 Saturdays -held every OTHER Saturday bi weekly


Saturday Group

Time: 10 am cdt to 12:30 pm cdt



SATURDAY, February 27, 2021

All other classes to be held ON:

March 13, March 27, April 10


Fee: $375.00 Deposit $275 upon registration.

Remaining $100 to be paid on/by March 10, 2021 (prior to second class)

Requirements: No prior teachings required

A Peek into Our Program:

Healing Our Psychic Senses Program 101


  • Healing: Energy Healing for Emotional, Mental and Physical Wellbeing: How to Heal Yourself. Balancing our nervous and endocrine systems.

  • Let’s Quiet The Mind

  • What is Manifesting through Healing

  • Cleansing Your Spirit for Best Psychic Practices: Disconnect from old beliefs and reconnect to your spirit

  • What’s going on with this Energy? Energy Awareness of ourselves and others

  • Learning in depth about the “Clairs” and finding which one is best suited for your spirit.


Healing Our Psychic Senses Program (Intuition)


During this program you will learn how to tap into your own energy and interpret your own energy and messages by learning healing techniques. We will then move on to interpreting energy for others. By quieting the mind, and balancing our energies we will truly learn how to discern messages for the collective. We will also learn simple active meditations and discover spiritual messages and imagery to help you discover your soul purpose. Each course is built to help your increase your confidence furthering your skill/gift. In turn, this will help awaken and strengthen your intuition and learn how to use them in your daily life while making decisions. All courses are group centered with activities and lessons to help you tune into your spirit guides and learn how to apply it in your life.

Mediumship is NOT part of this program. This is a healing program intended to help you be a better version of yourself to be better for the collective.

Intuition assessment exam conducted by Delilah Scott available upon completion of program to help validate accuracy of skills.


Eligible to participate in Outwater Holistic Network. To be discussed upon completion of this program.


There are no make up classes. Some classes will be recorded. If you cannot attend a class session please let me know prior to class to record pertinent information.

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