Thank you so much for your interest in Joining the Team!

How does it work?

We are a referral organization-that is working on world wide web advertising and marketing. With our vision and plans having you as part of the extended team will help the vision.

As a holistic practitioner listed as an OUTWATER HOLISTIC Practitioner -you are not an employee but a contracted entity providing services through our referral system. 

All referral appointments are based on your schedule, as well as set up and priced based on your business model. All appointments from our referrals are booked on our website, and all monies minus a fee is deposited into your business checking account once weekly on Saturday(s) or mailed to your preferred address. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in please submit the required information. If you are a holistic practitioner with less than 1 (one) year of practicing please email delilahscott@capitalvirtues.net


To be considered for our team, please complete the following. We will contact you soon!

Certificate of Registered Business
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List of 5 CLIENT References
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Malpractice/Liability Insurance
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Professional License/Cert
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