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Transformation is much more powerful, when we have faith. 

Spirit Animal 

The butterfly experiences four (4) different life transformations.


First, it’s a bunch of tiny eggs on larva, then a caterpillar, then pupa, then FINALLY a beautiful fearless butterfly, who takes flight nearly instantly, upon its final transformation.


There’s this story about a Greek goddess, Psyche, (meaning soul + butterfly), who was once human. She is depicted as a goddess with butterfly wings. This story reminds us that like butterflies, we are connected to our souls, beginning in our subconscious mind (psyche also meaning mind, soul and spirit). It reminds us that who we are, and what we will be, is already a subconscious thought that is embedded in our souls. In other cultures, we see butterflies as blessings coming forth, souls that have transcended, spirit’s messenger, the holy spirt, the list goes on and on. However, where ever you go, most meanings having a connection to the spiritual world, and our soulful essence.

The butterfly shows us it’s okay, to continue, by letting go, by having faith in our own transformation, and new life chapters. By knowing we will end up where we need to be. By understanding the butterfly's transformation, (if the butterfly is not harmed in prior stages), the once pupa will be a beautiful butterfly in due time, we don't need verification by examining the pupa through x-rays, we know that the pupa will change, and there will be a butterfly. There is no denial here, this kind of transformation represents FAITH. It teaches us, that by having faith in our own changes and growth, it is necessary and required to have faith, to know, we will end up exactly being who we need to be. Yet, this can only happen, when we receive the lesson of the butterfly. Do you receive?

The butterfly’s transformation isn’t just physical, its internal, it's soulful, it's intuitive. The butterfly is so tapped, that its feet can smell (yup there are tiny buds on their feet that help them smell, as well as the many other senses they have received in their transformation, more than we can see with our eyes…).


My message today, is allow the butterfly’s transformation to motivate you, to inspire you, to show you that having faith is not just necessary, but required for transformation. 

May you receive my message today in acceptance, and most of all, Faith.

Delilah Scott