"Hi Dee 

I have a lot of anxiety around my job. My boss doesn’t like me and job security is becoming very shaky. I love what I do. I can work from home and homeschool my kids. The money is amazing. But I’m not sure if it’s worth the anxiety that I am getting from it. Should I stay and hope that my boss moves to another role (re-orgs happen often) or should I consider moving on to something else? It would be very difficult finding something similar with the pay and flexibility especially with everything under lock down. Any insight or advice?"


Anonymous Female, Canada ️

Peace and Blessings!


Thank you for allowing me to chime in on your personal work dilemma. Reading this, and reflecting I had a bunch of questions, but then I told my mind to be quiet and truly read into it. I feel for the most part there is a part of you that does not want to work outside of home, and want to find a balance between working at home and being a mother. This is a feeling many working women feel, deal with and some of us even make difficult decisions by simply having faith. Your first thoughts of working from home, and homeschooling your children are placed in the universe-which is a beautiful way to manifest your heart’s desires. However, your thoughts of not being secure at work, possible lack of income is also being placed in the universe-you will attract what you extend. 


My advice is to be mindful of your thoughts, yes even when you are upset, or your boss is treating you as if you are not liked. (Besides, how can it be possible for someone not to like you? Good way of thinking.) I will also advise you: do not base your moves, your resolutions or your life on hopes of removing someone else to make things better for you. Eventually this kind of energy is returned-even if you do hope, wish and pray-and they send her away, this energy will return to you. Be mindful when manifesting, desiring and/or thinking of things you want-first idea is to focus on you, what is it that you want, who can help you have it (if anyone), how can you help you have it, and how will you respond when it arrives. All positive reinforcement of  your heart’s desires. 


Lastly, I will also advise you to stay grounded, plan logically -and make moves based on what is actually feasible. Yes, job security and finding a job is scarce nowadays-but anything is possible. Believe it-and take action to accomplish what you want: flexibility to work from home and homeschool your children. That is the focus-everything else is just the chatter around what your heart is saying. I pray you bring your focus to what you truly desire and plan out your life -intended to live with blessings. 


 "There are no problems, only opportunities for growth." – Rebbetzin Dena Weinberg