Need Cash? Is ONLYFANS an option?

A quick background on OnlyFans. OnlyFans is a modern day platform for sex workers to create their audience, and set their fee schedule to make money virtually from home. Similar to webcam sex industry service, within a network of other sex workers. Typically women and men would remove clothing and/or perform activities to gain an audience and collect a fee. 



"Peace queen


I’ve been heavily contemplating an only fans page. It’s been a thought process for a long time however I’ve taken my time with it because 


1. I wanted to speak with someone who was truly making money on it first for advice


2. I don’t want to do porn or show my pussy, so I needed a plan. 


I prayed on this often. Revisited the idea often. 


Idk but I came across someone who in fact was banking off the platform and they put the battery in my back. 


Then... I had another conversation with someone who helped me put the pieces together on how I would execute my only fans without it being pussy poppin porn. 


My question to u is. As a woman and as a business woman and as a mentor. How would u advise me in terms of yes ______ go for it or no _____ don’t do it. 


I’m not tryna make my world revolve around this. I wanna use this as seed money. 


If I pull this trigger will I succeed. 



Anonymous Female, NJ

Peace and Blessings!!


I want to thank you for sharing such a delicate dilemma with me, and request my advice. First, I will say this: there are better options.

To keep it real, sex has sold for years since before the bible. However, we don’t need to keep the momentum. As women we have an innate power found in our MINDs, Bodies, and Souls that can be just more than just a visual for hungry men. I say this sincerely, because I too have once seen my body as a tool to receive earthly things from others, men who didn’t even love themselves, so couldn’t love me. This didn’t mean sex or showing private areas, but it meant knowing I was physically built to bring a man to his knees, and for some part of it-it bought me a sense of conquering & strength-it was false. It was what I learned in my environment (as to what is acceptable) and thought I was onto something. Until, I realized my true power was when I used my mind-and developed the skills, the gifts, the talents- that didn’t need me sharing intimate parts of me or my life-with just anyone-and that has bought me success.


We women have power, but its more than our bodies, we have the ability to create abundance and success through the same passion and creativity- that flows through our wombs & vaginas. What we birth in any form can only be from the heavens above-what you have is an urge to create-an urge to be noticed for the energy you birth through. A creative space that allows you to use the power that flows through your womb-Queen, channel this energy to whole living energy. Channel this energy to give you long term ideas to meet long term goals-that are stable and allow you to continue to grow. I have been through a lot of bad relationships, but the worst one, was the one I had with myself-that led me to do things that weren’t for my soul. This I feel is not for your soul, but to feed an egotistical concept of I got it-so I will make money with it. Sometimes situations, events, environments and experiences can make us rush through life because we are not taking the time to truly discern what our needs are and what they really mean. Yes, p**** is power, when its used in a RIGHTEOUS way, when its used to create (not just life), and connect us to those we chose, not who chooses us.


I feel your decision is to help make you more money, to eventually help you do something else (purchase or investment). This idea of ONLY FANS PAGE may seem lucrative, or others may say it is lucrative -it may be. However,  the core-is an issue of money and/or lack thereof. So, if money is your issue-then let’s remove the idea of using your earthly temple-and let’s touch on why money is your issue? Why do you feel disconnected from money? How do you feel about money? Usually, when we feel we don’t have enough money, we never will. Perhaps your mindset and thinking about money, needs an adjustment.


I would also recommend time to explore what your womanhood, sexuality and relationship with yourself means to you. You may practice soul retrieval through meditation and/or even hypnotherapy to figure out what is that your soul needs to fulfill to rise up out of any unfortunate circumstances or even a repetitive cycle of finances.


I pray you peace in anything you do.


Guard your sacred space-it’s all you got at the end of any day.