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What does the name Outwater mean?

The name Outwater was first used by Capital Virtues New Jersey business owner, Delilah Scott. The name reflected a town in New Jersey she lived by that reflected the famous Oudewater family, who traveled to the United States to freely practice their religious beliefs, some whom even majored in theology, and who’s lineage advocated for women’s rights on the east coast beginning as early as 1600’s.  Delilah used the name as inspiration and developed Outwater.  The name Outwater  also suited the description of her pursuit, since it was her emotions and passion that drove her to continue her alternative path and help many: the energy of the scientific element: water.

Today, Capital Virtues Illinois presents Outwater Holistic Network.

What is a Holistic Practitioner? (non conventional): Alternative Practitioner

A holistic practitioner is a certified and/or licensed individual with diverse educational backgrounds, that believes a client's wellness is based on many components of one's body, including mind and soul. A holistic practitioner works with clients to find what is best for their health and wellness-on multiple levels, and may work with other practitioners to promote optimal health and wellness. A holistic practitioner is known as a natural healer. THE 5 ASPECTS OF HOLISTIC HEALTH: PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, AND MENTAL. 

What is Outwater Holistic Network?

Outwater Holistic Network is an administrative organization that verifies and confirms an alternative/holistic practitioner is authorized to service clients based on their specialty, as well as confirm he/she has the proper training, education and supporting documentation to provide their services through the network. If the practitioner’s service are not written in the network’s Standards of Practice and/or website: it is not a network service. The organization does not sell patients/clients and/or their information to any organization. The network promotes its services, practitioner services and location of practices , as well as the benefits of choosing us as your go to platform for non-traditional energy healing and/or holistic therapy. All of our network participants are credentialed at least once annually, and assessed based on written assessments and/or observation. We streamline all services involved in finding the holistic practitioner that is right for you and your needs.


All practitioners are processed and added to the network based on a thorough examination of his/her qualifications, experience and services he/she provides. We pride our service in finding you the right holistic practitioner for your needs via Telehealth and/or in-person. 

Currently, practitioners in the network include, but is not limited to: Reiki therapists, Theta and Quantum Energy Healers, Therapists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Pharmacists, Shamans, and Hypnosis Practitioners, and many others.