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What does the name Outwater mean?

The name Outwater was first used by Capital Virtues New Jersey business owner, Delilah Scott. The name reflected a town in New Jersey she lived by that reflected the famous Oudewater family, who traveled to the United States to freely practice their religious beliefs, some whom even majored in theology, and who’s lineage advocated for women’s rights on the east coast beginning as early as 1600’s.  She owned a home in close vicinity to the Oudewater family’s cemetery and found admiration in the family’s journey to the America(s). Delilah used the name as inspiration and developed Outwater.  


The name Outwater  also suited the description of her pursuit, since it was her emotions and passion that drove her to continue her holistic path and help many: the energy of the scientific element: water.

Today, Capital Virtues Illinois presents Outwater Holistic Network.

What is a Holistic Practitioner? (non conventional): Alternative Practitioner

A holistic practitioner is a certified and/or licensed individual with diverse educational backgrounds, that believes a client's wellness is based on many components of one's body, including mind and soul. A holistic practitioner works with clients to find what is best for their health and wellness-on multiple levels, and may work with other practitioners to promote optimal health and wellness. A holistic practitioner is known as a natural healer. THE 5 ASPECTS OF HOLISTIC HEALTH: PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SOCIAL, SPIRITUAL, AND MENTAL. 

What is Outwater Holistic Network?

Outwater Holistic Network is holistic practitioner administrative company that collaborates with traditional healthcare organizations, as well as other alternative organizations to provide a platform of professional and experienced holistic providers.  We streamline all services involved in finding the holistic practitioner that is right for you and your needs.


The company verifies and confirms, the practitioner you choose to work with is certified/licensed in their field, along with other credential and eligibility verification-such as but not limited to criminal background check, sex offender exclusions and clear through the office of inspector general. All practitioners are processed and added to the network based on a thorough examination of his/her qualifications, experience and services he/she provides. We pride our service in finding you the right holistic practitioner for your needs via Telehealth and/or in-person. 

Currently, Holistic Practitioners in the network include, but is not limited to: Reiki therapists, Theta and Quantum Energy Healers, Therapists, Holistic Registered Nurses, Licensed Pharmacists, Shamans, and Past Life Regression Therapists and many others.


Energy Healing Services: Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Energy Healing, Breathe work, Past Life Regression Therapy and Meditation Guidance, are powerful energy healing treatments for many mental, emotional, spiritual and physical complaints. They offer benefits of improved interpersonal relationships, stress reduction, and a deeper insight into one’s own life, values, goals, and development. It requires a great deal of motivation, discipline and work on both parties for a therapeutic energy healing relationship to be an effective one. Clients will have varying success depending on the severity of their complaints, their capacity for introspection, and their motivation to apply what is learned outside of sessions. Clients should be aware that the process of energy healing may bring about unpleasant memories, feelings, and sensations such as guilt, anxiety, anger, or sadness, especially in its initial phases. It is not uncommon for these feelings to have an impact on current relationships you may have. If this occurs, it is very important to address these issues in session. Usually these unpleasant sensations are short lived.


At your initial appointment, a holistic practitioner will conduct a thorough review of your current complaints and of your background. By the end of the appointment a holistic practitioner will offer preliminary impressions, and we will discuss your alternative therapy options. Sometimes, energy healing alone will suffice. However, more than often, we have seen much more positive progress when a client decides to participate in a combination of energy healing and other therapies such as psychotherapy, and/or a medical review by a medical professional, plus many other forms of alternative care to receive optimal results-this may also determine how much work we can accomplish together.

Our organization believes in, "first, do no harm,” and always recommend clients discuss any conditions, questions, treatments, or products with their licensed medical doctor. We will never take the place of standard medical care, or diagnose and treat disease.


One of the most important curative aspects of an Energy Healing Therapeutic relationship is the goodness-of-fit between Energy Healing therapist and client, so, the initial appointment is also your opportunity to determine for yourself if we are the right practitioners for you. If you feel that we are not well matched to your needs, we will be happy to provide you referrals to other Energy Healing Therapists/Holistic Practitioners.

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