I am Natori Gallman also know as the Healing Goddess on social media platforms. The name The Healing goddess was chosen, because I recognized while I was healing myself,  I was also healing others around me. I am an empathic intuitive life coach and Reiki master Teacher.

After surviving several major illness and other things that were meant to take my life, I began my holistic healing journey in 2014, however it wasn’t until 2017 that I finally took heed and isolated myself and truly began to heal myself from the inside out.

Although I provide services to everyone from all walks of life.  I specialize in women’s health. Those who suffer with anxiety, stress depression, and PTSD from emotional, physical, mental, and sexual abuse. I also enjoy working with youth who may have behavioral issues, ADD, ADHD, issues relating to others and/or expressing themselves.

I am a messenger and healer that absolutely loves being used by God to help the collective. I didn’t choose this path. This path choose me while I was working in the nursing home and hospital. From there I started my own in-home healthcare agency. I am extremely excited to be apart of the Outwater Holistic Healthcare network and work with you all.



Peace and Love,


Natori Gallman

Natori Gallman

Life Coach

Reiki Master

Virtual and IN Person

South Carolina