Josephine Taylor

Josephine Taylor, RN, BSN

Registered Nurse


Reiki Master-Teacher

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Houston, Texas



Hello and Welcome.

My name is Josephine, and I am a Registered Nurse in Texas. Although I have been in the medical field for over a decade, I did not begin my healing journey until meeting Dee in 2017, following the traumatic death of my husband. I found myself seeking answers and realizing I needed to heal more than just my grief. After spending a few years learning, healing, and growing with Dee;  I decided to take all I learned and give back to those also in need.

During my journey, I researched multiple religions, cultures, and alternate healing practices. I did not find the mainstream religions and medications to help me process my pain.  My comfort was found with alternative and more spiritually based methods, where I was able to take control of my healing. All methods that I will provide were actually learned and practiced throughout my journey. I am a self-care advocate, as I have personally experienced or firsthand witnessed various degrees of grief, abuse, loss,  and mental health; such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.  I personally know the importance of finding your own peace.

It is my personal goal to continue to learn and heal for myself, but now also offer this for others. I utilize my nursing education along with holistic health practices to provide consults and healing options/therapies. I am a Board Certified Registered Nurse in Texas, currently working in critical care (ICU). I am certified by the American Holistic Nurses Association for Acupressure treatments. I am an Ordained Minister and aspiring Herbalist. I only practice within my legal scope, therefore I do not diagnose any illnesses.

As a Holistic Practitioner, I aim to help you heal mind, body, and soul. When one is not balanced, neither are the rest. With my nursing consults, along with reiki and acupressure therapies, and future herbal remedies, I hope to help you along your healing journey.  

“Trust that you’re in good hands with Leading Hands of Care, LLC.”


Josephine RN BSN BC

Reiki Master Teacher

Intuitive Healer