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Edriana Suarez
Radio Reiki
Reiki Master
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New York
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Welcome to Radio Reiki.
Don’t change the channel. Change your frequency.

I am Edri. Also, I am:

— An introverted guide working with distinct methods of inner awareness.
— A Puerto Rican mom in and of NYC
— A daughter of Athena with a deep love for animals.
— A former high school valedictorian, current college dropout.
— An honest procrastinator who takes accountability, always.

I got my first crystal, hematite, around 12 years old (same age I found out Santa was actually my parents); it was love at first rock. That would be the first step into my pagan beliefs, though I didn’t know it yet. I still have that rock, somewhere… I was raised Christian, but as I grew into my own, the structure of faith would begin look different for me. We learn about Greek Mythology in school — I took it many steps further. The Greek pantheon is the home in which my spiritual practice resides. And that’s sort of where my story begins.

My walk with mental health began 27 years ago, subtly as a pre-teen then, increasing in severity over time. Darkness was and likely always will be a part of my journey, but over the years, I’ve learned to hold its hand and not run from it.

It was this process of taking control — even when I was barely afloat, I was managing to stay afloat — that led me to share with and support others who find themselves in similar experiences. It’s hard shit — especially as a Taurus who likes to keep to herself, and thinks she knows everything and does it all right, and doesn’t need help in anything.

Still, I’ve found things out about myself and the power I have to change or withstand waves that used to crush me. It’s not always about having gone thru a traumatic experience — not all of us can say that. That doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do in this life of ours. I could continue to sink, but it was getting harder and harder to find my way back up. I 

You have the choice to walk IN the darkness, letting it consume you; or, to walk WITH the darkness, allowing it to pull you toward the light that has always been there, patiently waiting, just within reach.

“Light is the shadow of god.” — unknown


Ad Astra,


owner, Radio Reiki


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