Clinical Dream Analysis/Coaching

...involves mapping out your dream & finding ideal actions to take.

  • 45 minutes
  • 97 US dollars
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Service Description

What is Dream Interpretation and Consultation? Firstly, did you know that everyone with the natural faculties to dream, and given enough time for a complete sleep cycle will dream every night? Furthermore, there are three types of clinically distinguishable dreams; each with its own function for your personal wellness! We might not consciously remember all our dreams, but the subconscious mind records every detail! Dreams are the silent words of the soul. Dreams are a symbolic expression of what we need to work on in our lives. In order to unlock the mysteries of your subconscious, we need to look for clues in the symbols and settings of your dreams. This is where Dream Interpretation becomes very useful for your personal growth. Dream Interpretation and Coaching is a service that will help you understand your dreams by breaking down the meanings of your dreams and identifying what needs to be worked on in your life according to your wise subconscious mind (the part of your mind that works behind the scenes on a deeper level and it is even keeping you alive right now). How Can Dream Interpretation and Consultation Help Me? Most people unfortunately write off dreams and nightmares as just imagination or as unwanted problems. The truth is that dreams are a vital source of understanding ourselves to lead a life geared toward personal wellness and success. This service will help guide you through a process of reflection and discussion, allowing you to examine your dreams and learn more about your true needs, feelings, thoughts, and desires. You and I will analyze the symbols and settings of your dreams to break down their meanings. This will give you the priceless opportunity to reflect on your dreams and understand what they personally mean to you; rather than trying to piece generic answers together from a dream dictionary and getting unsatisfactory solutions. Dream Coaching will help you better understand your dreams and unlock the mysteries of your subconscious for more fulfilling and meaningful revelations in your personal wellness. Forms required to be completed prior to session.

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