Journey with Dee

w/Delilah. #4-45 min sessions

  • 45 minutes
  • 250 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I pray it helps guide you to exactly where you need to be. Remember everyone’s journey is different. Our growth, next steps and mission is different as well-therefore our experiences will each be different. Each individual session may change depending on what you need to heal. During this journey we will work on your main chakras, aura, spiritual self-highest self, and learn how to use UNIVERSAL Energy to heal parts of you, and recover parts you need. You will be healing at a spiritual level. You may even find parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed. This is what makes a healing journey so blissful. We are walking through this journey trusting that we will find all we need to continue in building a relationship with the divine. Once you have recognized this as the pursuit, this journey will be very peaceful. During this journey you will also learn just because you cannot “see” something does not mean it doesn’t exist. For instance, think of a rainbow. A rainbow is created between the sun and the veil of rain falling from the sky. Although the sun moves across the sky and rain clouds pass overhead this same rainbow can be witness and observed by many people even those who are distant from each other, exactly at the same time. Two people can admire this same rainbow appearing as though they are both standing in the same place, even miles apart because they are participating in the same relationship. However, there will be some who do not see the rainbow, perhaps it is their failure to move into a different position or turn around, this does not mean it does not exist-it means they are failing to participate in this relationship. It is the same when we build a relationship with the divine-some will see it, some won’t. This is a journey you choose by your very own interpretation. To have the highest frequency thoughts you must heal. By healing we release old ways of thinking, nurtured ways of thinking and begin manifesting life without any anger, spite, ignorance, jealousy, or judgment. Universal law teaches us that nothing is bounded by the temporal world, your Universe, Your God has already gathered whatever you desire long before you ever desired it, it’s about getting closer to what the Universe has laid out for you. When we heal, we get closer to the desires that are destined for us. Healing Modalities Used: Spiritual Reiki Teacher Level , Hypnosis, Spiritual Intervention

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915 15th Avenue, East Moline, IL, USA