Spirit Animal Interpretation

Email Only. w/Kristi Colvin

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Spirit Animal Reading with Kristi Humans + Nature are one and the same. Animals all play a very specific role in the interconnectedness of all that is. We embody the spirit and energy of different aspects of nature and animalistic nature depending on the phase of life we are in. Humans + animals are a beautiful and intricate representation of divinity embodied, we are not separate. Many of us long to connect to our sacred wild nature. There are creatures of the air, water, fire, earth + spirit. The basic elements that we are made of, it is no coincidence, there is a divine connection. "What is my spirit animal" comes to mind with this reading naturally. When we ask this question and are told we're a lion, we tend to cling to the identity of a lion and lion only but life will bring us into seasons of also being a firefly, a dolphin, bear, we are ever transitioning and shifting. When channeling this reading I like to encourage a more open-minded approach. We are multi-dimensional, contradictory, creative + amazing beings. A few different questions to consider asking would be : •What animal energy would help to resolve x conflict? •What part of myself have I forgotten? •What energy do I need to embody to face x? •Past | Present | Future •The Path | The Obstacle •Relationship Spread You | Other Person | Shadow Dynamic | Illuminated Dynamic •Year Ahead Spread (12 animals representative for each month) Allow 24-48 hours after placing your intention to receive a voice recorded reading along with photographs of your reading

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