Available Online

Spiritual Guidance/Energy Analysis

w/Venus Ochoa

  • 30 minutes
  • 55 US dollars
  • online

Service Description

Venus works as a channel/conduit receiving and delivering messages for your highest good, progress, and healing. Here is her message: I choose to share that all spirit guides I work with are of the highest/heaven realms. Archangels specifically. The information received is usually very simple and direct, making it super applicable in your waking life after our session together. In these sessions I use my channeling abilities and will sometimes use tarot cards for clarification if needed. These sessions work almost like a conversation, so bring all your questions written down if you'd like, as sometimes we draw blanks in the midst of the excitement. Bringing a notebook and something to write with is also good for any notes you'd like to take down during the session (these are amazing to look back on later). A spiritual guidance session is great for all of those at a fork in the road or anyone lacking clarity on an important matter. An energetic check in is great right before we embark on a new journey or relationship as well. Nothing quite like making sure we are on path by plugging into source for direct, divine guidance.

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915 15th Avenue, East Moline, IL, USA