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Stem Cell Activation

What is Stem Cell Activation?

Stem Cell Activation is a process in which our stem cells can regenerate. Meaning the cells in our body can Regrow, these cells we focus on, are usually found in damaged or missing tissues around our organs, bones and muscles. 


It wasn’t until I was involved in post-transplant care, that I could see this happening in real time. Yea, I read the studies, but I wasn’t quite sure, how often it was happening. However, I experienced first-hand that adults who were diagnose with certain illness and/or disease of the liver (to an extent), could re grow the damaged and/or surgically removed parts of their liver. This didn’t mean it would grow back to its original shape, but it would grow back into its original size. This did mean, they would and/or could have a healthy functioning liver once again, if they took care of it. Another more common regeneration of cells is found daily with one of our largest organs, our skin. Our skin sheds, and re grows simultaneously, and we don’t always notice this happening.

Why would you want Stem Cell Activation?

Regenerating your stem cells CAN promote a healthier life. As our stem cells re grow, and replenish we are reprogramming our bodies to perform as it has originally been made to do. Most people who try stem cell activation have experienced arthritis, chronic pain in bones/muscles and joints, back pain, muscle tears and/or dysfunctions, as well as weight loss, and many other positive attributes. The purpose of stem cell activation is to help healthy, activated cells migrate to areas of inflammation, damage, and/or injured and exert natural healing anti-inflammatory responses that leads to tissue repair, regeneration, and overall wound healing. Activation of stem cells involves the migration to increase the amount of stem cells, as well as reprogramming. 

Our body is made of cells, everything we are within is composed of these little, tiny microorganisms, sometimes changing due to poor health, hereditary illness and/or unexpected injury. 

What can help with Stem Cell Activation?

Here are some options, that includes what we have found in our own research and first-hand knowledge, that is helpful. 

1.    Stem Cell via Infusion (PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL Office Use Only). This type of stem cell activation process includes cells being withdrawn from your bone marrow and inserted intravenously. It is one of the most effective and quickest ways to activate and replenish (regrow) your stem cells.  

2.    Vitamin Supplements such as, BUT not limited to, L Carnosine, that promotes stem regrow/replenish and aides in Carnosine is used preventive care but also treats co morbid conditions associated to diabetes such eye disorders (cataracts), and kidney problems.

3.    INTERMITTENT FASTING: short-term fasting, such as, but not limited to no meals after 3 pm or no meals before 3 pm, have shown fasting will trigger cellular regeneration, specifically in the intestines. Therefore, AND NOT LIMITED TO, promotes good gut health, digestion of food, and higher metabolism. 

a.    Include Antioxidants in diet: such as berries (goji and blue berries to a name a couple), mushrooms and ginger. 
b.    Healthy Sleep Patterns: at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, studies have shown that patients with poor sleeping habits and/or other health conditions such as insomnia have drastically reduced the functionality of their stem cells.
c.    Exercise promotes stem cell regeneration

4.    MARIJUANA use: a NIH study published in April 2021, “Role of marijuana components on the regenerative ability of stem cells”, has proven that marijuana/CBD use proven to effectively regenerate stem cells in cells found in body fat around organs, muscles, tissues etc., and within bone marrow that is found in the bones, surrounded by the body fat. By this study, we know that the cells that have become accustomed to holding body fat, can be replenish and reprogrammed to its natural state of healthy. There are further studies to be made, but it is fair to say, marijuana use can be used to reprogram and replenish stem cells, that are responsible for our overall health and/or lack thereof. 

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Holistic healthcare practitioners are NOT Medical Doctors (MDs). Holistic healthcare practitioners are trained specialists who use non-invasive holistic practices to create a healthy environment for the mind, body and spirit.