Take Control of Your Life




“……my question is I’ve always seem to have a black cloud over me and always anxious and depressed and waiting for the next bad thing to happen in my life. Will this ever go away? What do I do to just be happy? Thank you so much!”

Anonymous Female, USA



Peace and Blessings!


Thank you for sharing with me your emotional experiences-I understand your need to be happy.  We all deserve happiness. I will try my best to gear you in the right direction to heal, live more optimistically and even begin searching for a licensed psychologist or therapist, as well as energy healers to help you work through these emotions and live a better life.


Now I am not answering this to tell you the life you live, the struggles and hardships you live are because you are strong-that is FALSE. You are meant to live a fulfilling life; this comes with learning and growing-but most of all knowing you deserve happiness. Once  you begin knowing this, you begin to feel it & then you begin to live it. Until then this black cloud over you, is a choice, and placing fears of bad things happening (your thoughts) into the universe will cause it. Your job is to learn how to use this power to bring in positive abundance with your thoughts. If you can think it, you will feel it, and then it will be.


Now, you are in control, I feel you don’t know this yet, and are anticipating bad things happening, and even think-you’ll receive an expiration date of bad occurrences-that isn’t happening-- it is you who makes the call. We all experience life cycles but cycles only end when there are no longer any remaining pieces left of those bad experiences. The cycle cannot end if you are holding on to what has happened and allowing it to dictate what will happen. To truly end bad cycles we must let go, detach from it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, Let go of what has happened. This is not necessarily easy, the mind has a storage system that can hold decades full of pain and sadness even memories from past lives, that we don’t even know we are storing.  I feel you need a moment of completion; this will happen when you seek the help and do the work. Are you ready?


I will tell you this, when you DECIDE to let go of the past and what has happened, your new threshold will feel unfamiliar, perhaps a little scary, and no you won’t know what’s next or even know what changes will occur. You may even want to revert to old thinking habits and change everything new only because you find comfort in knowing “bad things are coming”, you may even find yourself stuck in making a decision because you know things will become uncomfortable-this means a cycle is ending. And a pretty good reason to seek a team of healers to help you along the way. This isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of courage to embark on cycle ending-the best part is: it is your choice! 


A team of people who can help such as a therapist or psychologist, close friends and family (of course if they aren’t causing some of these problems), and alternative healers-all of these people can offer aide and support-while you find the core of your issues and heal.


So, to answer your question, this cycle of bad things will end when you decide it will.


“If you own this story you get to write the ending.” ― Brené Brown, author and professor