Tashunda Monroe

Reiki Master

Intuitive Energy Healer

Virtual Service


Every person has journey, and everybody has a story to tell. The path on your journey and the words behind your story are no mistake. They are what makes you unique, a piece in the infinite puzzle called the universe. When one person heals, the puzzle begins its formation.

Hi, I am Tashunda, Labor Relations Specialist by day, Healer all the time.

I’ve been on and off this healing journey since the 9th grade. That is the first time I clearly remember having to go within and accept myself for who I was at that time. I had to allow myself to be ok with not fitting in and forgive myself for being embarrassed about my love of rock music and sheltered upbringing. From the 9th grade on there were periods when I had to dig deep; times when I had to do serious soul searching and pull myself out from within. There were also durations when I loved myself so deeply that felt what it was like to be fully connected to all that was around and within. My denial of truth and inconsistency with self-healing didn’t get me very far and led to increasing bouts of depression. So, a little over four years ago I really decided to step into my power and fully engage in my self-healing journey.

I started with daily prayer and talks with myself which helped me to lean into my own understanding of my energy and connect with others on a deeper level. I made it a point to express gratitude for the smallest things and slowly learned to forgive myself and others. In 2018 I became a certified Reiki Master and shortly after completed a Spiritual Mentorship. As I continued to work on myself, I knew that I wanted to and felt that I was meant to assist others in healing. So, I completed additional trainings, attend healing workshops, and had several Reiki and healing energy sessions. Over the past four years I have seen a huge transformation within myself; in my: spirituality; confidence, ability to see things more clearly, operating from a place of love and compassion, and finding purpose.

I believe that we are all walking a path, whatever it maybe, to find who we truly are; to understand who we truly are; and to heal and/or release who we used to be so that we may fully love and accept ourselves for who we are becoming.

There is no right way to heal but we will find your way together. I look forward to meeting you on your path.