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Sound Healing


“Our own life has to be our message.” Thich Nhat Han


I’m Tashunda, owner of Breath of Life LLC in Connecticut.


Growing up, I was the odd man out. I was the person who, “fit in” but did not really, “fit in”. I struggled to find who I was; not realizing that who I was, was who I was supposed to be at that time. In my 20's I spent a great deal of time feeling lost, alone or looking for direction, which ignited my desire to discover myself and understand my truth. In doing so, I realized that throughout my life I’ve always had a passion for helping others and empowering my community, which led to me becoming a certified Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor volunteer and a Youth Worker in a residential facility for girls. So, during the day I was working as a Labor Relations Specialist and at night I would pursue my passion of empowering women and girls. This passion was strengthened while working as a Labor Relations Specialist with the Department for Children and Families. However, seeing the build-up and implications caused by the breaking of families and communities became triggering. Especially, having first hand experience, by way of a brother whose mental health and trauma were never fully considered, which means he was never able to heal. This, along with other reasons, made me go within and focus even more on my self-healing. I went back to my roots starting with prayer.  I then incorporated regular Reiki sessions and meditation. Eventually, I became a Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Healer to not only continue with healing myself, but to also help others.


After the death of my brother and life changing illnesses within my family, my purpose and vision have become even clearer. Since then, I have been driven to help underserved communities; and assist women and youth by providing resources, guidance and healing modalities (learned, influenced and taught by Delilah Rose, owner of Outwater Holistic Healthcare) to assist with overall healing and self-empowerment.


The word “breath” comes from the root “inspire” meaning to “breathe in spirit.” (Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue) My goal for each of us to “inspire” one another to “breathe in” the beauty of our Divine spirit.


Love, Peace and Laughter,