Reptile Still


CHAMELEON: Lion of the Ground. Commander of their Environment.


The Chameleon is a special type of lizard, that can see in two different directions at the same time, they are known for having 360-degrees of vision (they CAN see the BIG PICTURE). Along with its instinctive hearing (they do not have ears), they are patient hunters and will wait for its prey to come close. You will not hear them coming, let alone breathe, because they are the masters of silent breathing. Their advantage in their environment is its ability to change its colors to resemble its surroundings. It also will out beat its competition and predators by moving slowly through different environments to persevere. This animal teaches us PATIENCE and skill, valuable traits to have during transformation.


As a master of illusion, this powerful animal teaches us that we can connect with certain energies in our lives, like the chameleon connects to colors in his environment to adapt to our current life, and breakthrough any blockages. This animal will show you what it means to come out of your familiar surroundings and know when we are taking on the energy of others, and why. Their instinct teaches us to move with GUT healthy wisdom and how to show up to the world based on this same instinct.


The Chameleon helps us by teaching us to show our true colors as needed and prepare for transformation. It teaches us how to adapt to our environment for our highest good, by understanding all that is surrounding us.


When this email reaches you think about what you have hidden from the world to fit in, and/or be more like your environment.


What you have restricted in your life, that is necessary for growth based on your environment?

What are some of the problems you have encountered due to your unwillingness to adapt?  

What are you working on now, that required you to adapt to your environment?

Are you truly aware of your surroundings?

Are you aware of what you have hidden to persevere in your current environment? Is it or has it been beneficial?




Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, focus your attention on your heart chakra (chakra located right between your breasts), and take a few moments in silence, allow your subconscious mind to dive deeper into your heart’s desires. For help with this, join our Outwater cipher tonight.

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