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Hey There!

My name is Venus and I work as a Reiki healer and channeler. I identify with the wounded healer vibe, experiencing myself firsthand all the traumas and life events I now work to release and heal in others.  I work to expose our oneness. Oneness in turn gifts us back true sight to witness that no one is unreachable.

We are all a part of this challenging, expansive, and beautiful planet. Healing is available for all. Because of my specific life experiences and my specific spiritual gifts, I tend to attract those who feel unreachable, permanently heart broken, those who deal with deep rooted trauma, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, and other serious issues.  I have come to realize that even seemingly small things such as baseline anxiety can becomes a disastrous interference in our daily life if not properly addressed.

In my personal life I abide to strict spiritual practices, divine worship, meditation, yoga, dance, and other daily routines to maintain my physical-spiritual balance. I'd like to add that I am no stranger to spiritual possession, spiritual awakenings, and past life memories. These topics can be hard for some to speak on since they are not yet widely accepted by the world. 

I work hard to create a safe space where we can respectfully and openly discuss all topics judgement free. All my gifts are from God, and everything I do for others is done under the watchful eye of The One. Thank you for trusting me in your energy field & thank you for allowing me the space to better align you to your healing journey.



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My Services

Crystal Healing Reiki Session (45min) 

Reiki is an energy healing technique used to address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
imbalances. A session is simple, all you have to do to prepare is show up open and willing to
receive healing. I induce a meditative state, and while you just relax and go inward, I act as a
conduit to deliver whatever healing is in your immediate highest and greatest good. Reiki is a
wonderful option for those looking for an alternative to traditional Western Medicinal practices
AND can also be used in tandem with traditional Western Medicinal practices. I combine my
Reiki training with healing crystals to draw out or deposit specific healing energies from and into
the body. The healing session itself lasts 30 minutes, and the additional time is spent on a pre-
session and post-session consult. Bring your notebooks and something to write with for our
session! This will be for notes, but it will also be helpful to write down messages relayed from
spirit during the session. I do use healing sound frequencies throughout.

Spiritual Guidance/Energy Reading Session (30min) 

I work as a channel/conduit receiving and delivering messages for your highest good, progress,
and healing. I choose to share that all spirit guides I work with are of the highest/heaven
realms. Archangels specifically. The information received is usually very simple and direct,
making it super applicable in your waking life after our session together. In these sessions I use
my channeling abilities and will sometimes use tarot cards for clarification if needed. These
sessions work almost like a conversation, so bring all your questions written down if you'd like, as
sometimes we draw blanks in the midst of the excitement. Bringing a notebook and something
to write with is also good for any notes you'd like to take down during the session (these are
amazing to look back on later). A spiritual guidance session is great for all of those at a fork in
the road or anyone lacking clarity on an important matter. An energetic check in is great right
before we embark on a new journey or relationship as well. Nothing quite like making sure we
are on path by plugging into Source for direct, divine guidance.