Reiki Master Teacher 

Intuitive Energy Healer 

Bilingual (English and Spanish)

Telehealth Services

Pennsylvania, USA

Personal Message from Yadi (pronounced Jah-Dee)


Hello, my name is Yadi. Thank you for your interest. I have been on my spiritual-healing journey for about 4 years now. I’m a mother of a beautiful little boy, and I live on the East Coast. 



I have a background in customer service for healthcare & mental health companies. This has helped me to learn how to empathize with others while helping them through sensitive situations. I also believe that having my son was in a way a catalyst to my spiritual growth. I’ve always been interested in spirituality and intuitive abilities, but it wasn’t until I had my son that I truly allowed myself to embrace that side of me, and really dig further into it.


I was/have been on a mission to truly understand myself and who I really am as a person. I began a regular practice of meditation and using crystals which assisted me in growing my intuitive abilities. I studied my astrology birth chart to understand myself from another perspective. I’ve participated in mentorship programs & a reiki master certification program to assist me in utilizing these skills, talents and most of all my intuition  to assist the collective. I have been utilizing reiki in my own healing journey as I work through trauma & reprogramming my own mind from beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me.


In 2020, with all of the extra time that I had on my hands, I went in deeper with my spiritual practices and noticed my intuitive gifts naturally rise up to the surface. This has helped me connect people to their spiritual side. 


During my sessions I assist clients with gaining closure of experiences/circumstances, and help provide a sense of relief during a time of grief, sadness and/or negative emotions. I enjoy providing others with clarity in their situations and assisting them in healing- in a way that gives them a new perspective on their experiences with gentle care. 

I look forward to working with you.